Dee and Pearl

A couple of weeks ago I travelled to a yard to meet Dee and her gorgeous horse, Pearl! Dee had won this photo shoot after placing the highest bid in a charity auction where all proceeds went to the Devon Air Ambulance.
Pearl is a 7yo 16hh Irish Thoroughbred mare. She is honestly one of the sweetest mares I have met and just loved the camera! Dee has only owned Pearl for just over a couple months and looking at them, you would think that they had been together for years! They’ve got such a great bond which is lovely to see.
Dee aims to hopefully get her out and about next year, competing mainly in dressage and show jumping, which she absolutely adores! Her calm and willing attitude just made her an absolute pleasure to work with as she just took everything in her stride.

When I arrived, it was quite a dull, grey morning but the strong autumn colours helped to brighten up the day! Dee was just making the final preparations to make sure Pearl was looking her absolute best for the camera. They had been out for a ride early in the morning to make sure Pearl wasn’t too fresh for the shoot and I couldn’t believe how clean she was after going for a good canter through the woods!

We started off getting some black background portraits of Pearl, which she loved as all eyes were on her- both humans and horses! She soaked up the attention and striked some fabulous poses. Pearl is very food orientated so a few rustling of pockets and treats did the trick for getting her ears forward. I have to say a massive thank you to Dee’s friend, Lauren who was brilliant at getting Pearl’s attention!

Once we finished up the black backgrounds, we moved on to the horse & rider photos and Dee already had a location in mind. We walked a short distance to a massive open field which they use for in-hand walking and grazing. Pearl hadn’t been in that field much so there was a lot to look and gaze at which worked to our advantage! Pearl’s calm nature made posing her an easy job and the autumn colours really made Pearl’s coat pop and add some brightness to what was quite a dark, dull day.
Just as the shoot was coming to an end and we were heading back towards to stables, the boys decided it was time to show off and were throwing some rather impressive moves in the field next door! Pearl was an absolute star as she didn’t react to them at all, I think she was pretty keen to get back to the stables as she heard the word ‘food’ mentioned! As I was leaving, I could see Pearl happily munching away on her tea which was much deserved after she behaved impeccably. Everyone was happy and pleased all around!
Thank you so much for having me Dee! It was a lovely morning and I look forward to seeing more of you two out competing next year!


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