Hello! My name is Abbey and I am an equine and canine photographer located in the South West of England. I provide photographical services in the South West, especially locations and events in and around Devon and surrounding counties.

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I have owned and ridden horses from a young age, owning my very first pony at the age of 3, whom of which I still own 15 years on! I still ride for fun and love every aspect of owning horses.

I’ve grown up in the countryside and as well as owning horses, I also own goats, sheep, cats and a dog! My love and understanding for animals is  why I wanted to be a photographer and I believe that this is portrayed in my work and is why I love and enjoy my job so much.

I started getting into photography at a relatively young age, taking photos of anything I could but my main subjects were always my horses! My passion for photography rapidly grew every time I clicked the shutter. This led me to taking photography at A-Level where I explored different areas within the subject and also experimented and worked with film which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

As my knowledge and passion for the subject grew, I knew what I wanted to do for my career; I mean what could be better than combining two of my favourite passions together!?

​Aside from equine photography, I also enjoy landscape and product photography. I take my camera everywhere with me – I’m never seen without it! You never know when that perfect moment is going to happen and I like to be prepared for that.

If you would like to find out more about me, please visit my first blog post!